Advocating for change to keep pets with their owners when they move into aged care.

Are you or a loved one needing to go into residential aged care now or in the future,  but are worried about being separated from your loved pet?

This is a very real and often heart-breaking issue for so many people in our community,

We are advocating for change and need your help!

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Together we can make a change.

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Ellie Gonsalves

Australian Film Actor

Nicci connected Ellie Gonsalves with her deceased father. Ellie was absolutely blown away by her ability to describe what items she had of her fathers and certain memories that would be significant to her.

“I’m so mind blown and if anybody is looking for an experience, she’s going to change your life, this was just an amazing...”, said Gonsalves.


Anna Kulinova

Hollywood actress, Victoria’s Secret model

Anna Kulinova speaks highly of Eloise as a gifted medium and reader.

“I just had a reading with the most amazing psychic Nicci. She came up with all the names in my life I was shocked but most of all she knew my dad who had passed”, said Kulinova.


Jessika Power

Australian Reality TV Star

Nicci connected Jessika Power with her deceased ex-boyfriend and family members. Nicci was even able to locate how and where they died as well as knowing of personal possessions that Jessika had kept from her ex-boyfriend.

“It was just crazy the things she knew, it just shocked me…. how do you know ages dates and even in detail what happened and even our favourite song when I used to play him music. I was so emotional after the reading. She could describe even his funeral and the week that he was in an induced coma little bits and pieces you can’t get online”, said Power.